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Power Psychology

Clinical Psychologist based on the North Shore of Auckland, specialising in trauma and anxiety

Meet Shannn

At Power Psychology we aim to empower our clients to create meaningful change in their life. Life is for living! Yet sometimes our minds and bodies can get in the way of that. Together we will identify what is holding you back and develop tools and strategies to overcome these.

So, if you are open to try something new, to view yourself from a different perspective, to feel a bit uncomfortable, then keep reading! 

Power Psycholo gy | Therapy | Milford office

Our Services

At Power Psychology we offer psychological assessment and therapy to those aged 18 years or older. We work with individuals who are experiencing the effects of trauma (i.e., PTSD), including acute and complex, as well as anxiety.  Our therapies are evidenced based and tailored to meet each clients specific needs. 

Connect with us

If you would like to request an appointment or a quick chat, please fill out our new client form

We can't wait to meet you! 

Power Psychology | Milford | Psychologist
Milford, Auckland 0620
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